Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Change

I decided to change the layout of my blog because I was tired of the old one. I changed my song list too - I only wanted songs on here that seemed directly related to my life or whatever...I don't think it was quite appropriate to have Trent Reznor yelling at my visitors telling them that he wanted to do something naughty to them in a very basic instintual way. Hahaha!

Karlee is quite strong. Yesterday she went into the kitchen and grabbed the new bag of cat food (it's 3.5 lbs) and brought it into the livingroom. She sat down with it and pointed to the cat on the front, and then said where it's nose, eyes, mouth, and ears were. She then proceeded to make kissing noises at it. She's so cute! Today she managed to drag a laundry basket with a heavy queen size comforter in it a few feet and lay down in it. Normally we try to keep her out of things like that but she is just too cute for me to say no! She's not hurting anything anyway.

Little baby girl is getting stronger too. Her kicks are more noticeable - pretty soon I think I'll start to see my belly jumping around. She is very low - it puts a lot of pressure on my pelvis and bladder. I have been trying to picture life with two small children (babies, really). Sometimes I can picture it and then other times I feel scared!

I am starting to get anxious to go back to work too. I miss having extra money and being out of the house. I am wondering if having a second baby will change my feelings. With Karlee I was extremely protective - no one, not even a daycare, could watch her like I could! I'm wondering if the second time around if I'll loosen up a bit.

I'm in need of another makeover. I need to call EG's niece sometime when we have a little bit of extra money (haha!) to do my hair. It is getting long and unruly.

The day is already halfways over and I haven't eaten yet. I'm starving! Time to go find something to eat...