Monday, August 10, 2009


EG's family had a reunion last Saturday. It was nice, just his sisters and his brother and their kids (and their kids). EG was feeling a lot better so we went for a couple of hours.

All the new babies were there. They are all sweet little boys. They lined them up on the floor and took pictures. I couldn't help but to think that my other baby would have been there with them. But it was nice to feel my baby moving all the while...she is a nice little reminder of the great things to come.

She is a silly little goose already. She will jump around in there and kick - but as soon as EG puts his hand on my belly to feel her, she freezes! Sometimes she'll stop kicking so hard and kick at his hand very lightly and he can't feel her. She's definitely a night baby. That's when she's the most active. Yesterday evening there was a nice storm and she jumped at the sound of the thunder! Then later EG laughed suddenly and she jumped. It's so cool how they can interact with the world around them and not even be "here". I love it!

As I had said, EG is doing better. It took him quite a few days to recover, and last night he was complaining of a tight feeling in his stomach (I think it was bloating). Plus he had not eaten a lot in the past few days and yesterday he ate a lot. He went back to work today. I'm happy to see him up and around. I hate it when he's sick. It freaks me out!

I'll be adding to my "A Sort of Therapy" series. I just have to be in the mood to do it.