Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My past has been stored in two little plastic totes in my attic for awhile. I used to have lots more than that, but I made the mistake of marrying a troll once upon a time, and the evil troll threw my memories away, unbeknownst to me. Thankfully, that troll is now most likely living under a bridge and I'm sitting here writing this!

So anyway, those few things that I did manage to keep mean a lot to me. Most of them are notes that I kept from friends in the Junior and Senior High school. I've been looking over them. Such drama! A lot of it made me laugh. My best friend Melissa used to draw me pictures. So did my boyfriend of the time. Some of it was puzzling. For example, a friend used to write under the pen name of D.J. Morris, and my code name was Sam. I don't remember why. I feel so old now!

I have cards that I've saved, letters that my mom wrote to me (and still tear me up), old high school newspapers, a few pictures, poems and stories that I've written, and drawings that my little cousins have made for me. I even, for some odd reason, have old homework in there!

It makes me a little sad - I remember all of the people that I was close to at a time that I don't see or speak to anymore. In my clouded teenage head, I guess I couldn't see how important they were to me. I noticed that my senior year I ditched many of my good friends to spend time with my boyfriend of the moment - as if I had no time for anyone else. I wish I could go back and change that.