Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was great. I had some health problems (too long and boring of a story for now), but overall, it was very nice. Karlee looked really cute playing with the boxes and crawling all around. Ashley seemed happy, but she didn't feel well because of a cold. EG seemed like he was having a good time.

Ashley got mostly clothes, and Karlee got a lot of clothes too. Karlee also got some books and toys. I got a T-Fal set, which I really wanted. I got 2 DVDs, candles, clothes, bath stuff and fuzzy socks. EG got a variety of things, including 3 DVDs. We got a bigger slow cooker than the one we already have from EG's dad.

Karlee now has a cold. Yesterday she had a fever and was pretty out of it. She seems a little better today.

What else?
Karlee looked absolutely beautiful in her Christmas dress, which she wore for about five minutes before flipping out. Still managed to get this cute shot of her with the Christmas ornament.

I made a spice cake with my new cake pans. I hate to bake. It is rare that I do. So anyway, when it was cooled off and I was putting the icing on it, it looked too plain to me. So I decorated it the best that I could. It was an ok job for someone that just threw it together (last minute) and hates to bake!

After we took Ashley back to her mother, EG and I spent the whole evening watching movies. We watched Scrooged (pay per view), Iron Man (pay per view), and The Dark Knight (DVD EG got for Christmas). Iron Man was pretty good. Can't wait to see the next one. The Dark Knight was the best. I liked it - it had a lot of twists and turns. I'm usually not into comic books turned into movies, but these were good.

Karlee with her loot.

Ash and her new shirt.

EG poses with his gift.

Karlee with some of her stocking stuffers.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas like we did!